We are available to public administration for the creation and implementation of the services necessary to create the smart city of the future.

We build infrastructures, we provide electric vehicles for the citizens’ mobility, and we provide our physical and digital infrastructures available to users for the use of the service.

On deals with:

  • Charging stations: sale of energy to private customers who already have an electric vehicle;
  • Car sharing: free floating   fleet accessible to the end customer through the App;
  • Bike sharing: point to point or free floating option available;
  • Scooter sharing: free floating option available;
  • IT apps and services .

The On vehicle fleet is made up of ecological and latest generation vehicles: cars, scooters and bikes. Users can choose the most suitable vehicle according to the time of the day or the planned route.
In addition to safeguarding the environment, the latest generation vehicles provided by On make it easier to move in traffic.
On is the ideal partner for those who want to move and get involved, to live the day from start to finish without ever stopping: at work, in the gym, with friends, in their free time.

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