On is one of the beneficiary partners of LIFE FOR SILVER COAST.

The pilot project, funded by the European Commission with the LIFE 16 program , aims to test an integrated and electric mobility system in Isola del Giglio, Monte Argentario and Orbetello.

The plan, with an estimated cost of over 5 million euros , is based on the use of zero-impact vehicles that will make areas not served by public transport easily accessible, especially for tourists.

New boats will take care of transporting users by sea and within the lagoon. City cars , electric scooters and e-bikes will also be available to users . For the use of the vehicles, the ElectricHub 360 prototype will be available to users , an innovative bike sharing station equipped with photovoltaic panels that will contain the pedal assisted vehicles in its cylinder, protecting them from the bad weather and vandalism.
The elements will communicate with each other through an infomobility platform, a virtual place that will provide information to managers and users. Furthermore, the entire intermodal mobility system will be equipped with a network of fixed and mobile sensors for the collection of environmental data useful for assessing the state of health of the territory and the improvements made.

Life for Silver Coast, thanks to the advice and proposals of technicians and users, will be fully operational in the first months of 2020.

In addition to the municipalities involved, the project will see the participation of companies such as Enel X, Green Action, Newave Italia, Primordial, UNeed.IT, On and bodies and research centers active in the transport and mobility field, such as the University of Florence and the Sustainable Mobility Hub (POMOS) of the Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (DIET) of the “Sapienza” University of Rome , coordinator of the project.

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