A mobility hub in your home?  We offer solutions to allow you and your neighbors to share beautiful, functional and fully electric vehicles.

Do you want to go to the center for shopping, without worrying about the ZTL and the payment of parking? Do you need to move quickly avoiding traffic?
Is your home in an area not served by sharing mobility services?

We have the solution for you! Our bicycles, our scooters and our cars are at your complete disposal, just a click away.

Through our intuitive and functional App, you can manage your booking flows, use our means and reduce the cost of condominium expenses.

How is it possible? 70% of the revenues from your rental will go to your budget and cover part of your expenses!

We offer you all this, without any initial investment!

With a monthly fee, including maintenance and insurance, you are ready to go with On!

Discover our offers for 48 months, including a rechargeable one for each condominium starting from € 10 month.

Choose more mobility solutions! Build your package, for you incredible discounts on the rental fee.